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Specific Eco Energy Applications staff experience in various sustainable energy technology opportunities are demonstrated in the following projects:


Distributed Power, Cogeneration ---Consulting, Development, and Feasibility Analysis, at various facilities including:

  • Forging Manufacturer
  • Paper Processor
  • Vegetable Packing Facility
  • Ski Resort
  • Food Processing and Refrigeration Plant
  • Milk Processing Facility
  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

The principals have completed the installation of numerous power projects that required the interface with utility and regulatory officials. In particular, we have completed power projects in the following facilities:

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Universities and Colleges

  • Food Preparation Plant at Airports

  • Asphalt Refinery Plant

  • Television and Communication Facility

Eco Energy Applications


Company principals completed projects or provided services at automotive facilities in the following locations:

Ford Motor Company Projects

  • Edison, NJ Assy. Paint Shop Controls, Lighting improvements and Natural Gas Engine Driven Air Compressors.

General Motors Projects

  • Linden Truck Assy. Lighting Improvements, audits of Boiler Operations, Compressed Air and Chilled Water systems
  • Wentzville Assy. Energy Management System Installation.
  • Hughes Electronics. Lighting improvements and EMS Study and Implementation of system
  • Mansfield Stamping. Heating System Improvements.
  • Plant Energy Studies. Fort Wayne, Linden, Lordstown Assembly Plants
  • Pontiac East- Lighting improvements
  • Flint Assembly/Bowling Green-Lighting improvements and EMS Study and Implementation of system

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