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Renewable Project Development

Project Development

The Company has a dedicated development team of executives, employees and associates with extensive experience and capabilities in all aspects of renewable energy project development.

The team coordinates the development of wind and solar power generation opportunities and manages site scoping analysis, land procurement, wind and solar resource assessments, wind and solar project design, managing environmental studies, state and local permitting process, coordination community relations, utility transmission interface and interconnection , power scheduling, marketing and contracting.

The initial step in the development process by Eco Energy Applications is identify areas with high wind and solar resources that are near utility transmission corridors and secure the development rights to the site. We then utilize our engineering, permitting and construction expertise to implement the next development steps to proceed with a project that will be cost-effective. Our project development skills are accomplished after completing numerous power generation projects through out the western U.S.

The company has numerous (over 500MW) solar and wind energy projects under development (exceeding 50,000 acres) which include several wind/solar projects in the following states: California    New Mexico    Montana    Texas

In addition, the company is a participant in a joint venture known as Enviro Energy Company, which is involved development of several renewable power technologies. In addition, there are several (greater than 100) megawatts of utility scale solar power plants under development in Southern California.

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