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Renewable Project Development


Our global attention is now focusing on climate change and greenhouse gases and emissions, we are confronted with energy security, resource management, pollution-free power as increasingly high priorities. Renewable energy is recognized now as a key energy technology of the future and new markets are continually emerging. Electricity generation produces about 40% of the carbon emissions in the United States. Climate change is a complex problem, but each step taken to shift from reliance on fossil fuels toward sustainable energy sources and reduced energy consumption is a step toward the solution.

Wind and Solar power, as the most cost-effective and proven of the green power technologies, will play a major role in any strategy to meet our energy needs, particularly in reference to the meeting short-term carbon-reduction targets. Alongside wind and solar power will be the development of other sustainable technologies including wave power, biomass, micro-generation, fuel cells and building integrated heat and power systems.

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