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Eco Energy Applications


Since its inception, EEA has focused on being the premier provider of sustainable energy projects. Our intent is to deliver on the promises we make to our clients/building/land owners by providing cost effective solutions to meet quality and service needs while maintaining a proven record of performance. This is accomplished thru key corporate strengths in technology


EEA has a strong set of values it brings to the every job and client is an extension of the work ethic and culture of our employees and affiliates. We work as safe as possible, taking every precaution to ensure work area protection with an emphasis on public and employee safety. We always maintain that customer satisfaction is the key to our success.


IIS maintains it pulse on changing renewable energy technologies and incorporates cutting edge technology solutions in all its projects. These technologies include wireless computer based intelligent control and monitoring, green energy technology systems for solar and wind energy projects . If there is a cost effective technology to enhance our project solution we will utilize it for the benefit of the project success. Technology solutions in solar, wind, fuel cells and alternative fuel power generation are a core competency of the firm

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